Collection of Ultra‐Ever Dry Applications and Trials
Application Company/Distributor Country Comments
Cement trucks and chutes Cemex Mexico
Customer loves how it’s performing! Slurry not as aggregate and they found out if they pour the cement out of the
truck slower than normal the Ever Dry lasts a very long time!!!
Construction scaffolding Mills Construction Brazil Keeping construction scaffolding and anchors clean
Cement/Concrete Trucks International Concrete co. Mexico Keeping cement/concrete off of trucking fleet
Cement/Concrete Trucks Redi Mix Company USA Keeping cement/concrete off of trucking fleet
Mining / SUV NZ Applicator New Zealand
A mining company coated two SUVs, one new and one used, with UED. They use the vehicles inside the mines to get
around. The problem was the water that drips inside the mine is the acidity of lemon juice and in a few years the
paint is screwed up and the car rust. The vehicles were removed from the mine to be stripped and recoated after two
years. The UED coated SUV looked like it was new. The mining company is happy and recoating the vehicles and will
coat more
Gloves (specialty) Name not released South Africa
Coated a specially designed mining glove. Before coated with Ever Dry, the gloves would only last 2 weeks. With the
Ever Dry Coating, the gloves last 4‐6 weeks.
Haul truck used in Canadian mining fields Name not released Canada The goal of end user is to reduce mud and bitumen build up on the under carriage and sides of the bucket.
Paper / Printing
Protecting components in packaging company from ink Stainout Spain Metal parts were being covered in ink and required a lot of maintenance and upkeep
Paper Mill ‐ Wet Section Name not released USA Keeping pulp buildup from occuring on the paper presses as well as surrounding areas.
Ink Production Equipment Name not released USA
Used UED to coat pieces of machinery and equipment where they don’t want ink getting all over and said it repels it
Paper Mills ‐ Rollers Name not released USA
A paper mill used to have to remove the rollers every 4 days to clean them from the bits of paper that would stick to
them and cause a problem/flaw in the rolled paper. The company now coats the rolls with UED and only has to pull
them to recoat every 3 months.
Electrical Control boxes (Fuse boxes) Name not released South Africa
Poor weather conditions were shorting out the wires in these boxes. Rather than having to rewire everything they
coated the inside and outside of the box. Ever Dry has greatly reduced the exposure to moisture compared to what it
was subjected to previously. Since Ultra Ever Dry did not insulate the applied fuse box, this application was a good fit
for them.
Electronics ‐ Quadcopters
Montgomery County Community
College USA
Coated all electronic circuitry of quadcopter. After coating, the quadcopter was flown in rain, which previously was
unthinkable.Video available on Ever Dry Website.
Cow Barn Dalton New Zealand
Coated part of a long wall in a cow barn where they milk the cows. The cows shoot feces all over the walls while they
are being milked. They set up tubes to flush the walls on a frequent basis. The UED was a total success. No feces
stuck. It worked so well that they are having the distributor come out and do the rest of the wall.
Coating a border on the floor Used around machinery that drops a lot of hydraulic oil and cuttings so the oil does not go past the UED border.
Spraying plates and platens for plastic injection
Customer used to mold for 4 hours and spend 2 hours cleaning. Now it is saving them $ 100,000 year in reduced
cleaning time on 400 plates.
Solar panels Using on solar panels to keep the bird poop from sticking.
Machines and washrooms
Applying to machines and wash room areas (not restrooms, but areas where they wash off products) to avoid rusting
in the rooms.
Collection trays Plastics company
The company uses collection trays to capture oil and water that comes off machines. Coating these with UED to
speed up cleaning of them.
Industrial Trucks Name not released Canada
Goal was to keep trucks easy to clean using just water from a hose. Tests went well and are now working on coating
all of their trucks. Shell Oil found out about the success and bought 55‐gallon drums of UED to try on their trucks and
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