Ultra-Ever Dry


REVISED 01.06.14


Ultra-Ever Dry™ Surface Protection is a two-part, air dry coating that is easily applied by spraying. The

bottom coat is applied, allowed to dry for 30-60 minutes, and the top coat is then applied. The top

coat usually requires about 15-30 minutes to dry.

It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The system off ers superhydrophobic and oleophobic performance

and has been shown to maintain a high level of performance under a variety of conditions and

for extended time. The system is useful for non-wetting, anti-icing, self-cleaning, anti-bacteria and

corrosion protection purposes.


The coating produces a matte-like, textured surface. The fi nish is translucent, with a slightly white

haze. Ultra-Ever Dry™ Surface Protection top coat will appear white if applied too heavily.

• Superhydrophobic – aqueous solutions roll off the surface quickly and form a spherical droplet

with a contact angle greater than 150 degrees.

• Oleophobic – some oils bead up and roll off the surface quickly when the surface is angled 5

degrees or more.

• Chemical Resistance – Excellent: acids, alkalines, pollutants. Good: Refi ned oils with low solvent

content. Poor: Solvents, fl uids with values of surface tension below 30 mN/m.

• Abrasion Resistance – Abrasion will reduce or eliminate eff ectiveness. Ultra-Ever Dry has better

abrasion resistance than most superhydrophobics.

Woods, metals, glass, plastics, rubber, concrete, stone, over some paints and other coatings. Not recommended

for use on acrylics due to the high solvent content in Ultra-Ever Dry™.



• Excessive abrasion will lessen or eliminate superhydrophobic performance.

• Soaps and alcohols applied to surface will cause the surface to “wet-out” until the soap and alcohol

is removed using low pressure water. It will then resume its superhydrophobic performance.

• The coating can be removed or its eff ectiveness diminished when most solvents are applied to it.

• Exposure to ultraviolent (UV) light will reduce the coating longevity to one year or less.



Colors – Standard Translucent White (not clear)

% Solids Bottom Coat

Top Coat

≤ 17%

≤ 5%

Mixing Time Bottom Coat

Top Coat

5-10 minutes

3-5 minutes

Coverage per gallon 250 sq ft. (23 m2) at 0.5 mil (13 μm) dry thickness

Recommended thickness 0.5 to 1.0 mils dry per layer (13 to 25 μm)

Dry Time Bottom Coat

Top Coat

To Package

30-60 min (standard)

> 60 min (max oleophobicity)

15-30 min (standard)

Overnight (max oleophobicity)

1-2 hours (standard)

Working temp -30-300°F (-34°C - 149°C)

Surface application temp 50-90°F (10 – 32°C)

Flash point Bottom Coat

Top Coat

10 °F (-12 °C)

-4 °F (-20 °C)

Specifi c gravity Bottom Coat

Top Coat



Storage temp 40-115°F (4 – 46°C)

Shelf life 2 years @ 77°F (25°C)

Weatherability Up to 12 months depending on UV intensity


Prepare as needed to create good adhesion. Heavy-duty Scotch-Brite™ or 320-800 grit sandpaper

is recommended for enhanced surface adhesion on smooth surfaces.


• Anti-icing applications where water approaches at relatively low velocities or pressures (prevent

hanging ice).

• Anti-wetting applications to keep items dry and working.

• Anti-corrosion applications.

• Self-cleaning of surfaces during rain events or by washing with low-pressure water.

• Anti-bacterial – reduces the amount of bacteria on a surface.